About the Show

Screen Smart is a collaboration between Jay Lowrance and Alex Forrest.

While we each bring unique training and experience to bear on the issues we discuss, we do not claim to be experts. At the end of the day, we’re a couple of dads who began exploring these issues out of necessity! Like you, we simply want what’s best for our kids.

We’ve each done some things differently in our parenting (for example, one of us homeschools and one of us sends kids to public school). We believe that everyone’s needs and situation is different, so we don’t pretend to tell our listeners and readers what to do. Our goal is to think through the issues together and to explore some guiding principles that we each can apply to our own families.

Jay Lowrance

Jay has a rich professional background in the tech world, helping individuals and small businesses with every kind of tech problem imaginable. He currently works as a web designer and marketer who helps small businesses get noticed online.

As a dad, he naturally began taking an interest in helping parents navigate the ever-changing world of technology inhabited by their kids. He’s had the opportunity to participate in panel discussions on issues related to kids and the web and has published short e-books on issues like Internet safety.

Jay and his wife have four kids and live in the Atlanta area, where they spend a lot of time at swim meets.

You can connect with Jay at his website or @jaylowrance.

Alex Forrest

Alex spent an inordinately long time in school, earning an MDiv and a ThM and getting deep into doctoral work at the intersection of philosophy, theology, and world religions. When he realized the academic life wasn’t for him (he didn’t have the attention span to live in a library!), he left and entered the business world, eventually landing in the family insurance business. His first love has always been writing, so he also works as a freelance writer, editor, and web designer.

Alex and his wife have three kids and live in Greenville, South Carolina, where they spend a lot of time on soccer fields.

You can connect with Alex at his website or @alexcforrest.