Affiliate Disclaimer

At The Screen Smart Podcast we help parents make better decisions by providing advice, reviews, and product recommendations.

Sometimes when we recommend a product, we’ll link to the company’s website using what’s known as an affiliate link. If you end up buying that product using our link, we get a small commission from the company that created that product or service.

Rest easy — that referral doesn’t cost you anything. The entire commission comes out of the company’s pocket, not yours.

Here’s our promise to you: We’ll never recommend a product or service simply because a company pays us to do so. We only recommend products we have actually used or that we have researched and fully believe in.

It’s possible that we may not disclose every affiliate link. We’ll try, but we might miss one. It’s safe to assume that any time we link to a product, we might get a small commission.

If you have any questions about this, please let us know. Thanks for listening!

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