Episode 15 – The Healthy Tech Talk with Matt McKee

Matt McKee and Circle with Disney | The Screen Smart PodcastOn Episode 15 we welcome Matt McKee from Circle with Disney.

Matt has a background both in the ministry and as a tech entrepreneur and now describes himself simply as “just another guy trying to make a difference.” He’s a speaker, consultant, and author who also serves as VP of Business Development for Circle with Disney, a device that helps manage and monitor the Internet on a Wi-Fi network, and an app that does the same thing on mobile devices.

Our conversation with Matt McKee includes:

  • How Circle went from a failed Kickstarter campaign to become a leader in internet safety.
  • The one question Matt regularly asks his kids to stay engaged with them and to stay involved with their technology use.
  • How you can help nudge your kids towards creating rather than consuming on a lazy summer day.
  • How and why you should have the “tech talk” with your family.
  • How their affiliation with Disney came about and why that relationship is important to Circle.

Circle with Disney | The Screen Smart Podcast

More About Circle:

Circle is a device that plugs into your Wi-Fi router that will filter and monitor internet usage by every device connected to your Wi-Fi. You can set up a profile for every person in your household and Circle will help you filter what each person can access online. It also allows you set time limits for apps and websites or overall daily use.

Circle is simple set up and use in your daily life as you seek to manage screen time.

If you decide to use Circle (like we do), we’d love it you would order it through our website. When you do, we’ll make a tiny commission that helps keep thing moving for Screen Smart.

Order Circle here. 

How to Connect with Matt McKee

Matt’s book, Parent Chat: The Technology Talk For Every Family, is available here. If you’re interested in booking him to speak, visit him at ParentChat.com. You can also connect to Matt via:

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