Episode 11 – Internet Safety Expert Joe Ryan

Internet Safety Expert Joe Ryan | The Screen Smart Podcast

Welcome to Episode 11 with Joe Ryan!

Joe is the Education Coordinator of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force of the South Carolina Office of the Attorney General. That makes for a really long business card, but it means he makes a living traveling around South Carolina speaking to groups of parents and students about the wild and wooly digital world.

So it’s no surprise that he has a lot of insight for parents and students alike.

Our conversation with Joe includes:

  • Some of the dangers we should be aware of online
  • Suggestions for how parents can protect their kids online without killing the fun
  • How and why parents need to try to reach kids in the middle and understand the importance of technology in their lives
  • Some of the legal implications kids (and parents) aren’t aware of regarding certain online activities.

How to connect with Joe:

Joe works for the office of South Carolina’s Attorney General, so if you’re in the Palmetto State you can schedule him to speak to your school or group for free. (Alex first connected with Joe during a presentation at his son’s middle school, which he found to be really engaging and helpful.)

There are a lot of great resources available (no matter where you live!) at SCSafetyNet.com.

Don’t live in South Carolina? No problem! Joe’s office is part of the national network of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program. You can connect to someone more local, schedule similar presentations there, and find links to more resources there.

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