Episode 10 – Online Shaming and Cyberbullying with Sue Scheff

Cyberbullying with Sue Scheff | The Screen Smart Podcast

Episode 10 features a conversation with Sue Scheff about cyberbullying.

Sue is a nationally recognized author, speaker, parent and family internet safety advocate, and the author of Shame Nation: The Global Epidemic of Online Hate. She has appeared on most major television networks and is a contributor on a variety of outlets, including the Huffington Post and Psychology Today.

Our Conversation with Sue Scheff includes:

  • Sue’s personal story, detailing how having her own reputation attacked online led her to become an advocate.
  • How Sue defines bullying and distinguishes it from normal teasing or banter.
  • The signs parents can watch for that may suggest their child is being bullied online.
  • How a parent can respond and help a child that is experiencing cyber bullying.
  • The “Online Disinhibition Effect,” which helps explain why people are just so mean online.

How to Connect with Sue Scheff

The best place to connect with Sue is on her website. You can also follow her across social media, including:

Don’t forget: Shame Nation is on sale at Amazon during the month of May. You can get it on your Kindle for $2.99 and in hardback for around $6!

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