Episode 1 – The Screen Smart Podcast Intro

Welcome to Screen Smart!

In this, our inaugural episode, we discuss how the show came to be and why we decided to have these discussions. If you’re here, you probably already have some sense of the importance of these topics.

As we discussed, episodes of Screen Smart will roughly fit into one of three categories:

  1. Talking. Many of our episodes will feature conversations Jay and Alex have with each other and with others, typically people far more interesting and knowledgeable than us!
  2. Teaching. Many of our episodes will primarily be aimed at teaching our audience about some topic, such as an FYI about a particular app or product that you may need to know something about.
  3. Thinking. Sometimes we need to dig into deeper questions and issues and address more philosophical ideas. For example… What do our devices to do our brains? How do they affect the way our kids develop or relate to others?

Of course many episodes won’t be pinned down to just one of these emphases. The goal in all of this is to develop intentionality to think about this stuff and have significant conversations with our kids and with each other.

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