Episode 9 – Should My Kids Play Fortnite

Episode 9 – Fortnite

Should My Kids Play Fortnite | The Screen Smart PodcastWe previously reviewed Fortnite, so check that out to learn a bit more about the game itself and what we think of it. But as it continues to grow in popularity, we got together to dig in a little bit more.

If you’re not familiar with the game, there is a strong chance your kids are. In fact, they’ve probably played it. If not, they’ve almost certainly heard their peers talking about it. In Episode 5 Cam Adair talked about the importance of parents taking time to understand the games their kids are playing, so we wanted to help you learn more about Fortnite.

In this episode we cover some of the same ground as our review. We talk about:

  • The game itself – what it’s about and how it’s played.
  • Is Fortnite violent?
  • What parents need to know about chat features, in-game purchases, and other things to watch for.
  • How the game’s influence and reach extends beyond playing the game itself, and what you need to know about that.
Should My Kids Play Fortnite

As is often the case, you won’t get a hard and fast YES or NO when it comes to your kids. This special episode is designed to help you think through the issues involved and communicate with your kids intelligently about it.

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