Episode 6 – Wait Until 8th with Brooke Shannon

On Episode 6 we talk with Brooke Shannon about the Wait Until 8th pledge and movement.

The Wait Until 8th pledge calls on parents to band together in their community and commit to each other that they will wait until at least 8th grade to give their kids a smart phone.

Wait Until 8th has certainly garnered a lot of attention, including spots on the Today show, Good Morning America, and features on CNN, NPR, and USA Today, and a host of major daily newspapers across the US. You can find Wait Until 8th chapters across the US and beyond.

Our conversation with Brooke includes:

  • How an observation while on a routine drive through her town became the genesis of Wait Until 8th.
  • Why they settled on 8th grade as the target age for the pledge.
  • The importance of taking the pledge as part of a group of at least 10 families.
  • What they suggest for parents who want to be able to stay in touch with a younger child.
  • How you can bring the pledge to your school or community.

How to Connect with Wait Until 8th

Obviously the best place to find Wait Until 8th is on their website.

Their team is also active on various social media channels, where they post links to helpful articles and other resources:

If you decide to take the pledge or organize a group in your community, let us know how it goes!

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